Null-safe CAMS v 0.30.x Released

As described in a previous post, we are moving towards releasing version 1.0.0 of CARP Mobile Sensing (CAMS). One important step on this path is to update the entire suite of CAMS Dart packages to Dart null-safety. This will be done as release 0.30.x.

At this point in time most CAMS packages are updated and released. We are still waiting for a null-safe version of Research Package (RP), so the packages (e.g. carp_survey_package) that rely on RP, isn’t upgraded yet. This will follow as soon as RP is released in a null-safe version.

The documentation in the released packages is up-to-date. However, the CAMS wiki is still not updated to the latest version – this is another task which will be attended to as soon as possible. Bear over with us until then.

2 thoughts on “Null-safe CAMS v 0.30.x Released

  1. jakba Post author

    Research Packages has now been released in a null-safe version (version 0.6.0), which means that the rest of the entire suite of CAMS packages and utilities have been upgraded to null-safety versions.

    We still need to update and release the example apps (the CAMS Demo App and the Pulmonary App).

    We also still need to update the documentation on the wiki.

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