Funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

The Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF) has recently decided to fund CARP with a DKK 5 million grant (EUR 700 000). This grant allows the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) to make CARP available as part of the Danish Life Science Infrastructure hosted on Computerome. The goal is to make CARP available for researchers, companies, and students within digital health, and the grant will fund the further development, maintenance, dissemination, and operation of the underlying CARP infrastructure.

The CARP infrastructure enables researchers, digital health entrepreneurs, and students to easily design, build, deploy, and use digital health technology for large-scale health data science projects and in the design of digital therapeutics products.

This project will deliver:

  • development and maintenance of core open-sourced software components for data collection, management, and analysis,
  • machine learning methods for identification of digital biomarkers,
  • operation and hosting of the CARP infrastructure as part of the Danish Life Science Infrastructure, and
  • training and education material and sessions, workshops, and conferences.

Ensuring the availability of CARP aligns with NNF’s strategic focus on Data Science because CARP is an infrastructure for large-scale collection, management, and analysis of ambulatory health data. CARP will thus be an enabling platform for scaling AI-based health data science activities in Denmark.

CARP is already being used in a number of digital phenotyping and mHealth applications in Denmark in collaboration with the University Hospitals and companies in Greater Copenhagen.

CARP is also used internationally by research institutions like the Universities of Leuven and Geneva. This project grant will help further disseminate and enable the widespread adoption of CARP internationally, which in turn will help Danish scientists to collaborate internationally within health data science initiatives.