Review of mHealth sensing frameworks

We have just published a review of a 28 academic and 9 commercial mHealth sensing frameworks in the ACM Transactions on Computing in Healthcare.

  • Devender Kumar, Steven Jeuris, Jakob E. Bardram, and Nicola Dragoni. 2021. Mobile and Wearable Sensing Frameworks for mHealth Studies and Applications: A Systematic Review. ACM Trans. Comput. Healthcare 2, 1, Article 8 (December 2020), 28 pages. DOI:

This review gives a detailed analysis of functional and non-functional features of existing frameworks, the health studies they were used in, and the stakeholders they support.

The paper also analyze the historical evolution, uptake, and maintenance after the initial release. This is shown below.

Fig.4. Initial release and last update time for all frameworks.

Based on this analysis, we suggest new features and opportunities for future generic mHealth sensing frameworks. This includes;

  • better support for automatic resource management
  • support for collection of data according to data standards
  • support for privacy not only locally on the phone but also once uploaded
  • better user feedback on mobile sensing in order to understand large-scale and longitudinal usage patterns

The main goal of this article is to provide the reader with an overview of the state-of-the-art of health-focused generic mobile and wearable sensing frameworks. We hope you can benefit from this.

We are – of course – continuing our research on the CACHET Mobile Sensing Framework based on this review.